3950 Lourdes Drive
Decatur, Illinois 62526

(217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, IL 62526 | (217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, Illinois 62526
(217) 877-4408
3950 Lourdes Drive | Decatur, IL 62526
 (217) 877-4408

Giving Back

While Our Lady of Lourdes school has a multitude of professional teachers dedicated to teaching God's Word through academics, the school itself wouldn't function without the students and parents.  That's why volunteering at school is an integral part of your child(ren)'s education.  Not only do your child(ren) feel proud to have you at school, but statistics prove that students do better academically with parent involvement.

One of the best ways you can help at school is by helping in your child(ren)'s classroom.  Be sure to check with your child(ren)'s teacher(s) to find out how you can help; some teachers may need assistance with reading and flashcards while others could use extra hands changing bulletin boards. The tasks are many, and your help is greatly appreciated.